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Trying on dresses of any kind can be quite a nerve-racking experience. Will I fit into this one? Will that one look good on me? Even if it looks amazing on the rack or hanger, there is still no guarantee it will fit right once I try it on! It may be too loose here, or too tight there! We have all experienced that at some point, right?

Nothing is worse than finding that perfect design and style, but discovering that the dress is not the right fit for you. Similarly, it can be disappointing to find a dress that looks amazing, fits perfectly, but feels so uncomfortable that you are literally itching to free your skin from it and tear it off. You may have experienced that at some point as well!

At RAD Rags, I understand exactly what that is like! That is why all of my custom tie dye dresses are designed with an emphasis on your comfort as well as enhancing your naturally beautiful figure. It is very important to me that you look good in your dress, and that you feel good in it too!

When creating tie dye dresses, I take into account all the fine details that a dressmaker should consider before making a custom dress. I do not stop my work at creating beautiful looking tie dye dresses; I also work diligently to ensure that my tie dye dresses fit comfortably, and compliment your form as well.

Get a comfortable tie dye dress, made from high-quality, hand-chosen fabrics, designed to make you look and feel amazing! San Francisco, CA welcomes your self-expression!

Show your colors; stop by my store and check out the assortment of RAD Rags tie dye dresses today!

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